Seeking Employment

Skills Development Scotland: My World of Work

  • Offer help to find courses and jobs- help build careers
  • The latest advice and news about careers, learning and training
  • Modern apprenticeships, job hunting, applying for a job, interview and work experience

ENABLE Scotland– support people who have learning disabilities to get a job.They know that with the right support, everyone can find work.

ENABLE Works, work with: people who have a learning disability and want to find a job, parents and carers, teachers and lecturers and employers all across Scotland

Shaw Trust

  • Career advice and job searches
  • Professional support to prepare CV and job applications
  • Interview preparation and techniques
  • Work experience placements
  • Access to vacancies from network of employers

UK’s leading provider of disability employment services

  • Supporting disabled individuals towards work
  • iRemploy is a suite of on-line employment services for people with a disability or health condition. Use tools and receive live advice and guidance on getting and staying in a job

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