Learning job skills

Momentum Skills offers: Training, Disability Services, Employer Services, Employment, Personal Development and Community Services opportunities for people with long term conditions.

SAMH offers a range of Employment and Learning Services including:

Chrysalis– Chrysalis is a horticulture training service that can work with up to thirty people and offers progression towards mainstream courses in horticulture and the SAMH GROW programme. Read more.

Employ-Able– The Employ-Able service which has been set up in conjunction with Poppy Scotland, provides support, workshops and practical advice to assist veterans in their search for a job. Read more.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence based model of supported employment which involves a trained employment (IPS) specialist working closely with Community Mental Health Team’s to support individuals with severe and enduring mental health problems into sustained employment. SAMH delivers IPS in Glasgow, Dundee and North Ayrshire. Referrals to the service come from the community mental health teams and the referral criteria for the service is that the individual is on the caseload of a member of the community mental health team and the individual wants paid employment.

Waverley Care–  Employability and Skills Service works with and supports people with HIV or Hepatitis C to increase their skills and confidence to enable them to engage in: activities, training, volunteering and work

GCIL– Employability Award training equips disabled people with the skills needed in their search for employment. It is delivered over four days and is SQA accredited with four learning modules.

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