What is Employability?

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Employability refers to a person’s capability for gaining and maintaining employment. For individuals, employability depends on the knowledge, skills and abilities they possess, in addition to the way they present those assets to employers

The definition adopted by the Scottish Governmentand the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives is: The combination of factors and processes which enable people to progress towards or get into employment, to stay in employment, and to move on in the workplace

The Scottish Government is committed to helping prevent individuals and families from falling into poverty and to improving Scotland’s poor health record. The government recognises that one of the surest ways out of poverty and improving health is through work.

The Scottish Government has therefore recognised the important role employers can play in providing opportunities for the long-term unemployed to enter the labour market. Engaging with employers and encouraging them to recruit from a wider labour pool (e.g. lone parents, incapacity benefit claimants, ex-offenders), is a key priority of the Scottish Government.

To address the problem of worklessness, the Scottish Government has released Workforce Plus – an Employability Framework for Scotland.

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