About the project

The My Skills, My Strengths, My Right to Work programme aims to work with Employers, Government, and people with long term conditions to focus on the positive values around working and coping with long term conditions.

The project has three core aims:rsz_employability_cartoon

  1. Improve access to the labour market for people with long term conditions and reduce discrimination and negative attitudes by spreading good practice and effective, evidence-based approaches
  2. Increase capacity among people living with long term conditions to access, and maintain jobs, using self management as a tool/approach to achieve this.
  3. Increase awareness and practical understanding among employers of how people can be supported to manage their condition and maintain their employment.


The improvement of employment chances requires a holistic approach that encompasses disability, long term conditions, health, education, social care, housing, and employability.  This is true for all sectors of society, third, statutory and private.  With advances in health care and people with disabilities and long term conditions living longer it is important to provide an adequate level of support to allow anyone to work and have a good quality to life.

If there is a lack of awareness and understanding this can result in reluctance or lack of confidence in recruiting and managing someone with a disability or long term conditions as the use of negative stereotypes within society can influence opinion and reinforce any existing stigma.

There needs to be more communication between key services at a policy, planning and delivery level to ensure there is always access to advice and information about education, health, social care transport, housing and employability.  This project acts as a hub of information and advice which will be spread through several campaigns and working with the government, employers, the public and people with disabilities and long term conditions.

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