Just The Job

It’s good to talk about work- animation promotes the benefits of work on health and wellbeing

Just The Job, an animation launched by NHS Education highlights the important relationship between work and health and wellbeing.

To watch the animation (under 3 minutes long) visit:

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube:


BME Employability Steering Group

The formation of the Black and Minority Ethnic Employability Steering Group (BMEESG) is a REACH initiative. The formation of the group has been an evolutionary process and it involved consultation with stakeholders from third and public sector organisations involved in employability work and BME communities.

The idea of forming the BME Employability Steering Group is to support sharing of best practice; increase awareness of existing employability initiatives, relevant employability schemes and policies; to increase and strength networks to encourage partnerships and support between organisations/projects. It is envisaged that the wealth of experience and knowledge from the group members will help inform and shape local and national policies around employability, especially from the BME perspective.

The overall purpose of the group is to facilitate BME communities to gain access to an employability route and into employment and to ensure their needs and issues, pertinent to employability, are addressed by service providers & policy makers, including service providers from the third sector.

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