About the campaign

rsz_4logoThe Campaign has been designed for a target audience of both

  • employers and
  • people with long term conditions (employees or seeking employment)


To think differently and more positively about people living with long term conditions as both potential recruits and valuable colleagues, focusing on ability and skills.

  • Look on the positive not the negative side;
  • Better understand the needs of staff who are living with long term conditions and those who are unpaid carers for people with long term conditions;
  • Have open and honest dialogue with employees about their condition and have a better understanding of, and less anxiety about what managing and supporting their condition entails; and
  • Adopt/allow for more flexible working arrangements and other Reasonable Adjustments.

People with long term conditions

Having a long term condition should not, of itself be a barrier to finding or keeping a paid job, the desired outcomes of the project is for:

  • Not to view their long term conditions as a barrier to employment
  • Be more confident and proactive about discussing their long term condition with their employer
  • To view disclosure and suggestions of reasonable adjustments as a means to help them self manage
  • Have confidence that they are the expert of their condition and actively develop solutions, improving their ability to gain/retain employment

The campaign was developed as the employability agenda for those living with long term conditions is increasing in importance. Evidence clearly shows severe inequality of access to the labour market.  While some people are not able to work, most people can and want to work.  Individuals often go to significant lengths to enter and sustain employment, but are often faced with an unsupportive approach from employers within a competitive labour market.

The campaign is designed to promote the view that the right person for the job is all about their attitude, skills and experience rather than their long term condition(s).

  • Employers need to focus on the value of employees/potential employees in terms of their ability and attitude.
  • Reasonable adjustments can be made simply and cheaply to allow people with long term conditions to be employed and managed.
  • Any employment should put the person with the condition in control as they are experts in self-managing their condition(s) and are the best placed to make suggestions that would help them.
  • 40% of people in Scotland live with a long term condition so there will be people in the workforce who are managing their long term condition with little/no support



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