Good Work- Pain, Poverty and Employment

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Pain Concern have created a thirty minute audio ‘Pain, Poverty and Employment’

It covers some case studies which can highlight good and bad practice of employers, reflecting on the difference this can make to an individuals life when back to work schemes are poorly managed. It touches on the support that is available and the support that is available for employers.


Kieran McGee and his wife Anne-Marie tell how his neuropathic pain and a lack of ongoing support put an end to both his career and hers as she became his full-time carer. Angela O’Neill recalls having to leave the nursing job she loved and her ‘distressing’ experience of a poorly managed back to work scheme.

Staff at the Health and Social Care Alliance set out how the Access to Work programme can help people managing long term conditions to overcome obstacles to getting to and thriving in the workplace. And Jason Leitch of NHS Scotland discusses the Glasgow effect – Scotland’s largest city’s inequalities of health and life expectancy – and how to reduce them.

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