New research reveals people fear impact of disclosing mental health conditions in the workplace

Posted on by Louise Coupland
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Nearly half of Scottish workers say people don’t tell their employers about mental health problems for fear of losing their job, according to new figures released by See Me.
See Me said there is still a stigma towards mental health in workplaces which stops people seeking help, with 48 per cent of workers saying people would be unlikely to disclose over concerns for their job.
The figures, part of a YouGov survey of 1165 Scottish workers, also found 55 per cent thought that people would be unlikely to disclose a mental illness as it could result in being passed over for promotion or moved to another post.
The poll, commissioned by See Me, discovered that only 22 per cent of people think their co-workers have a good understanding of the importance of employee mental health, however 83 per cent said they would want a better understanding if their colleague was experiencing mental health problems.
One organisation looking at making positive changes is Network Rail, who along with a number of other employers has been working with See Me to develop a new programme to tackle mental health discrimination in work.
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