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It is a common misperception among employers that people with sight loss can’t sustain real careers in the mainstream workplace, and that they, as employers, couldn’t possibly accommodate them. According to a Department for Work and Pensions survey of employers, 92 per cent believed it was either “difficult” or “impossible” to employ someone with impaired vision.

This IS working 3 profiles a nine blind and partially sighted people. Their stories prove how people with sight loss can and do support themselves and their families and contribute fully to the workplace. As Chris Turton, one of the individual’s profiled in this report, remarks: “It’s a problem with my sight, not my ability or capability.”

This IS working 3 shows again how the challenges of sight loss are being overcome in the workplace by some determined people and some enlightened employers. It explains how employers can play their part in providing equal opportunities in the job market and describes the resources and support available from RNIB Scotland, Jobcentre Plus and elsewhere

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